18 year old bipolar son

My son has bipolar and refuses to take his meds. He is lazy, will not clean up after himself. He will go 4 days w/out taking a bath. His bedroom floor is full of filthy clothes that he will let them remain their for weeks. Will snap my head off if I ask him just to bring them to the laundry room. He will cook but will not clean kitchen. I tried waiting him out for a couple of days,he just overlooks it. He has kicked/punched holes in walls and every door in my home. People say just kick him out. That sounds wonderful in theory, but where would he go. he has no car, no job, no money, etc... he only has his driver's permit, because he refuses to get them. he could care less about anything or anyone. he spends his time on the phone, playing games, or the internet. He does't go out because that would reqire effort on his part(shower,shave,clean clothes, etc..) He will argue with a fence post and everyone in the world is stupid but him. I don't know how much more I can take. I'm a single mom/teacher,with no child support and I can't afford to keep fixing these broken things in my home. Not to mention I'm 50 and just plain tired. he has been in a couple facilities, but they let him out within a week/he makes them believe nothing is wrong. On our last visit to the psy.,the psy, told him if he wasn't going to make his medshe was wasting his time coming to him. Help! I don't know what else to do.

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