12 yr old son unable to go to school social anxiety obsessive need to fish/hunt..

by sue

My 12 yr old son is unable to attend school and do school work at home, suffers from mood disorder and social anxiety. He is gifted academically, excelled in school till 6th grade, then unable to attend. He is only "at peace" when fishing or hunting. Help!

Current meds are 20 mg propynil for Sweating/nervousness and abilify 2.5 and zoloft 100 mg.

Hi sue.

Other people will likely comment.

When you say he is unable to do school work at home, and is bright, this concerns me. Is it his attention and focus? If so, then he may need a med adjustment. After the med adjustment than it may be that you can get him in a state where he can focus enough to learn some and explore entering back into school.

My suggestion would be that you explore the option of going back to school if he wants to if you can get him to a point where he is able to do school work. With social anxiety and careful treatment, this can often be overcome, However, It may also be that he is just unable to function in a normal school setting.

Each child is different,but he needs an assessment and a good therapist to help you with those decisions. I am happy to hear he is at peace when hunting and fishing. Perhaps he will be very suited for a career outdoors. Other parents will likely be responding to your post.

Sincerely, Kristen McClure

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